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Making a difference
One little girl who has benefitted from specialist support from the speech and language team is Ruby Charlotte and Ruby - speech and languageaged 3, from Twydall. Ruby's mum Charlotte explains more >

Speech and language therapy

Our speech and language therapy offers assessment and support to people with speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulties.

The speech and language therapists will assess the child's speech, language and communication skills and/or their ability to eat and swallow safely. Following this assessment, the therapist will work with families to identify appropriate goals to help the child. Therapy may include: individual sessions, group sessions, programmes and regular reviews. Speech and language therapists work in a variety of settings, including: health centres, children's centres, hospitals, schools, nurseries/pre-schools and more.

We support children with swallowing difficulties as well as a variety of communication difficulties including:

  • receptive language – the child's ability to understand what is said to him/her
  • expressive language – being able to use words together to make appropriate sentences
  • speech sounds – these often make it difficult for others to understand what the child is saying
  • social interaction – understanding the rules of communication such as eye contact, turn taking etc
  • dysfluency – stammering or stuttering
  • voice – often resulting in unusual or abnormal voice quality
  • dysphagia – a physical difficulty with swallowing and eating
  • children needing alternative methods of communication – e.g. signing or computer aided communication devices

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