We are a team of Specialist nurses with a keen interest in the health of looked after children and care leavers.

Our role is to ensure that the health needs of looked after children are met. We do this by assessing the children and young people at the Review Health Assessment. We will then refer to other specialist services as needed, deliver co-ordinated packages of care, ensure that statutory and corporate parenting responsibilities are met. The aim of the service is to provide a holistic wraparound service to support the needs of this population. We are placed within the MCH Safeguarding Team, and the administrators are placed at Snapdragons Centre.

Going into foster care
A shadow of doubt
A hint of fear
Everything’s a daze
Why am I here?
Moving around
House to house
No-one around
Quite as a mouse

A broken home
A broken heart
Taken away
A brand new start

Living with strangers
Making new friends
Starting to feel
At home again

Before you know it
You’re smiling once more
Your future now
Is an open door
You’re happy again
You’ve completely forgotten
How you felt back then

Poem by Karleigh Samantha Prescott - Care leaver
The Young Lives Foundation - 09/2016