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Crunchy leaves, fireworks and hearty stews: autumn fun with your little ones
Post date: 7 Nov 2016

It’s the children’s therapy team here, sharing our top seasonal tips. Autumn is a great opportunity to get out and about, and explore your environment. There are lots of ways that you can help boost your child’s development, (physical development, attention and listening, speech and language development, autumn recipes). The children’s therapy team have put together some activities to support your child’s development this autumn, based around a day at the park. All of the activities could be adapted for other days out e.g. in the garden, at the shops, at the zoo or a teddy bear’s picnic. 

Physical development:

Autumn day

  • Leaf rubbings to practise fine motor skills
  • Autumn walk to practise gross motor skills
  • Squatting to pick up leaves from the floor (physio)
  • Tip toes to pick apples/ fruit from the trees (physio)
  • Collecting and scrunching leaves
  • Blowing leaves off of your hands
  • Searching for toys in leaves
  • Potato carving (for potato stamping) under supervision, to promote fine motor skills and use of utensils

Speech and language:

  • Autumn sound walk – what can I see? What can I hear? What can I feel?
  • Autumn sound walk – can you find something that starts with a ‘t’ sound?
  • Vocab bag with autumn items to build on vocabulary
  • Modelling action words during outside play, e.g. jumping/ kicking/ throwing leaves
  • Hiding objects in a pile of leaves and naming them as you find them.
  • Make a fireworks picture using glitter paints on black paper.
  • Whilst making the fireworks picture make the following sounds and ask your child to copy: ‘pop,pop’, ‘ffffff’, ‘sssssss’, ‘shhhhh’, ‘weeeee’,
  • Help your child to learn new describing words by finding objects and talking about them together.
  • Leaves on the grass: Take it in turns to pick up leaves in the park and talk about them together, e.g. "I found a big leaf” "you found a small leaf”. " I found a red leaf”
  • To make the game more difficult see if your child can find items that you describe e.g. ‘Can you find a big yellow leaf?’, ‘Can you find a smooth conker?’
  • Use a range of different describing words such as big, small, rough, smooth, crunchy, white, hard, soft, dry etc.

Eating in autumn:

Now the cold, damp evenings are creeping in it is good to have some warming foods. Some good choices are:

  • Stews, casseroles, shepherd’s pie and fish pie. Try adding extra beans, lentils or vegetables
  • Homemade soups e.g. vegetable, ham and lentil, leak and potato, pumpkin
  • Jacket potatoes with various toppings e.g. baked beans,cheese, tuna, chilli con carne, chicken curry

These can be followed by fruit crumble and custard, baked bananas, baked apples, stewed fruit or a milky pudding.

For seasonal recipes try: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/

Follow the link below for a recipe on how to make toffee apples (under supervision) other fruit can also be used:


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