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5, 4, 3, 2...run!
Post date: 19 Apr 2016

Hi, Marathon Man here.Chris in Medway Cares top

There are just five days to go till the London Marathon. I am so excited I’m finding it a bit difficult to contain myself and concentrate, but this week is all about carb loading and taking it easy. You will probably see me constantly with food in my hand at meetings so apologies about that. From a running perspective I am doing a couple of short light jogs to keep the legs ticking over, with my final jog being Wednesday evening. After Wednesday's run I would have covered 468miles or approximately 18 marathons!

This Thursday I am going up to the London Excel centre to collect my race number as well as bag any free goodies and get some last minute advice from the experts who are on stage all day. I’ll be travelling up to the O2 and getting the cable car across so am making a bit of a day of it.

On Saturday I am volunteering at parkrun Maidstone as the back marshall so if anyone fancies a nice walk along the river in Maidstone feel free to join in and see what this parkrun craze is all about. It was the making of me as a runner! It starts at 9am at Kent Life in Maidstone so if you want to come along and send me good wishes I’ll see you there.

Then Sunday, 24 April 2016, is the day. My race number is 52779. People can track me on the homepage of the website itself which virgin money will be updating on Saturday. Alternatively for apple product users they can download the Virgin Money London Marathon app from the App store. It does work on iPads too but when searching you will need to change it to "iPhone only”.

Anyone that is friends with me on Facebook will see automatic posts on my timeline, as I have registered for the TAG Heuer auto updates so it will post on my behalf when I start, get halfway and finish.

In terms of spectating it is recommended to not try and be at the start as I go into a pen so you won’t really be able to get close. The spectator guide is quite good but warns that it is busy like rush hour so people need to plan ahead. My start time is 10am but it can take about 20-30 minutes to get to the actual start from the pen after the gun. Some spectators like to "chase the route” so just consider how busy the underground can be.

I hope to get to half way (Tower Bridge) in about 2 hours so people will need to keep tabs on when I actually start. Preferably I would like any spectators from mile 20 onwards and if anyone is shouting my name I would suggest they shout "Gedgey”. I hope to do a few pass by photos so you’ll need good photography skills!

At the finish it takes about 45minutes from the point of finishing to get through to collecting your bag and goodies and then there are meeting points in Horseguards parade. If anyone does want to meet me I will be meeting at the letter "V” for Victory (only because I am meeting a friend with the surname Vickery) so if I see you there I see you there.

Can I just take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all your help and support of which I have been completely overwhelmed by. My current total of sponsorship is £1,110 without giftaid (£1,287.75 with giftaid). The £500 from the MCH 500mile campaign will bring it up to £1787.75.

With the #MCH500miles, charity lunch, bake sale and trainers for the trainer day, MCH will have helped raise £750 towards the total, which is epic!

So on that note, I hope to see (or hear) lots of supporters on Sunday. If you can't make it up, any last minute donations would be greatly appreciated: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChrisGedge 

Marathon man signing out.

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