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Injury free Sport Relief
Post date: 17 Mar 2016

If you are taking part in any sporting events for Sport Relief it is important that you make sure you look after yourself before, during and after the event. Physio exercise -SR

Luke Smithard, MCH physiotherapist, shares his four top tips to prevent injury:

  1. Warm up before exercise – complete a light jog for 10 minutes which will increase blood flow to the muscles and increase your heart rate, ready for exercise. This also includes completing a thorough routine of dynamic stretching.
  2. Keep fueled up – make sure that you have enough fluids and energy on board before taking part, otherwise you may become dehydrated and not have enough energy which is important for muscle function. It is important to remain hydrated during the activity as well and make sure to replenish your energy stores after exercise.
  3. Dress appropriately for exercise – make sure you are wearing the correct clothing and footwear for the exercise you are completing to provide the correct support and allow good movement of your limbs.
  4. Cool down and stretch after exercise – complete a thorough cool down of a light jog and some static stretching to prevent the muscles becoming sore and tight.

New to exercise or looking for some more tips? Check out NHS Choices.

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