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Gall stones, diets and funny feet!
Post date: 5 Feb 2016

Hello all, it’s Chris Gedge again. It’s been a while what with Merry Christmases and Happy New Years sailing by and now February is upon us. Only 11 weeks to go until the London Marathon. Already I am 5 weeks into my training programme and have racked up over 150 miles! Body composition

I didn’t have the best of starts to my training however. One fateful meal and taking on the ‘Warrior Burger’ led me to need to have my gall bladder removed just before Christmas. I had my operation on Thursday 17 December and my first question to the nurse in recovery was "Has Jose Mourinho been sacked?” to be told yes. My first question to the consultant was "When can I start running again?.” A couple of weeks he said, so I sort of listened and began my proper training programme as of Monday 4 January. 16 weeks of training here I come!

I am pleased to say that I am well recovered now but it didn’t stop the panic at the time of not being able to run the marathon and wanting to get back to work quickly. With the gall bladder in mind I thought it would probably be a good idea to speak to a dietitian about my diet and get some advice about healthy eating; what to eat in the run up to a marathon as well as on race day itself. Enter Rob Garside, dietitian in the Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) community respiratory team.

Rob works within a specialist team treating patients that have chronic lung conditions whereby nutrition is vitally important just to perform their activities of daily living, let alone crazy people like me who are doing a marathon! Rob gave me some fabulous advice and pointed me in the right direction for bedtime reading, but essentially it looks like I will be living on pasta and protein! He also analysed my body composition with his magic scales telling me my weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and BMI- all of which the signs were good. I was particularly pleased with my ‘Metabolic Age’ which was 17- I have evidence of this with my little print out (see picture to the right). I’m actually 32 but still need to lay off the burgers and maybe not eat like a 17 year old anymore!

With all the pavement pounding I’m doing I’ve been getting a few niggles in my feet and ankles so thought I should get them checked out too. Next stop was MCH’s podiatry clinic and an appointment with Vince Zevallos Herencia, clinical specialist in podiatry biomechanics and health education. I attended the biomechanics clinic where Vince completed a thorough assessment of my lower limbs looking at the alignment of my feet, strength, range of movement ,weight bearing and had me running on a treadmill. He was quickly able to confirm what I kind of already knew, in that I had funny feet not really designed for running! Feet cast

He discussed my diagnosis (uneven metatarsal parabola 2 3 1 with digital overloading and PES adductus in technical speak) and possible treatment options for us to agree on a treatment plan. He took a cast of my feet and was able to produce a simple orthotic for my shoe as well as an exercise programme to strengthen my intrinsic foot muscles and some stretches. He was quietly confident this was all correctable and would have a positive impact on my marathon training as well as preventing longer term problems. He was superb so if you have any faults with your feet I’d recommend a referral to the podiatry service

So I now feel like I have had a full body MOT thanks to MCH services and feel ready to rock and roll with the training! I have several events booked between now and April including the Headcorn, Maidstone and Ashford half marathons as well as a 22 mile race in Lydd but otherwise I will be out on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday clocking up the mileage. I am also going to an official ‘Meet the Experts’ seminar on Saturday 6 February at the Institute of Education so hoping to gain some much needed hints and tips for the day.

Keep an eye out for some of my fundraising events over the next few months and please donate to my chosen charity Medway Cares: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChrisGedge

TTFN. Chris aka Marathon Man.
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