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Harvey’s top ten tips for keeping children safe
Post date: 26 May 2015

All hot and bothered!

The fish fingers are in the oven and your spuds are almost cooked. You hear your oldest child yell out for the third time for help with his maths homework. Just as you turn to answer, your toddler drops the spoons she was playing with on the floor and makes a bee-line for the open oven door...

HarVey, the health visiting bear, has come out of hibernation to share his top ten child safety tips with you just in time for child safety week on 1 June.  

HarVey, our health visiting bear

1. Fit smoke alarms on each level in your home.

2. Take extra care in the kitchen-cooking accidents account for more than half of fires in homes. Never leave a young child alone in the kitchen.

3. Keep matches and lighters where children can’t see or reach them.

4. Put a childproof fireguard in front of an open fire or heater.

5. Consider using plug socket covers so that children can’t stick anything into the holes. 

6. Keep objects with accessible button batteries well out of young childrens reach. The batteries can cause serious internal burning if swallowed as well as the risk of choking.

7. Hair straighteners can get as hot as your iron and can still burn 15 minutes after they are switched off. Keep straighteners out of reach when you are not using them.

8. Hot cooker hobs, oven doors kettles and saucepans are just a few of the dangers in the kitchen. Push kettles to the back of the worktop and try to use the back rings on the hob.

9. Bath water can cause a serious scald in just 5 seconds. Put the cold water in first and top up with hot, in case your toddler takes a tumble in the bath.

10. Not all car seats fit all cars, and if the seat isn’t right, or fitted incorrectly, your child won’t be as safe as they should be. Make sure you use the right seat for your child’s age, weight and height and use a car booster seat for all children under 135cm or under the age of 12
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