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Tell us

Your guide to providing feedback

Tell us - Your guide to providing feedback

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For further information please contact Frances Regan, head of organisational development on 01634 382231  or Sam Clark, organisational development manager on 01634 382223

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Recognising excellence

Our recognition awards are your chance to tell us about the individual, volunteer or team you feel should be recognised for the excellent care and service they provide and the difference it has made to you or someone you know.

The awards are based on Medway Community Healthcare organisational values, that:

…we are caring and compassionate
…we deliver quality and value
…we work in partnership

You can nominate an individual, volunteer or team for your choice of three award categories:

Caring and compassion
For people who you feel give excellent support to their patients, service users, carers or colleagues. This could be someone working directly with you, patients, in a support service, a mentoring or a leadership role. This award is for someone who has inspired and motivated others, who take the time to care; sometimes by doing small things that make a real difference.

For people who work well with others to provide a seamless service. This award could apply to individuals or teams from other services or organisations who work well together.

Quality and value
Has someone gone above and beyond to provide you with quality care or service? There are many ways that people help improve quality, such as suggesting or implementing new ideas and better ways of working. Improving quality is not always about big ideas – it can be something really simple that makes a real improvement to the care we provide.

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