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We are all in this together

We are all in this together

Husband and wife Jonathan and Samantha Hardman who live in Cliffe Woods are members of the Medway brain tumour support group. Jonathan and Samantha Hardman

Jonathan explained: "Joining a group can be a big step as having a brain tumour can make you become very insular. I can easily become confused when talking to people and it can be easier just not to talk to anyone at all. But the group is different, everyone understands which makes it a lot easier.”

Since developing the brain tumour Jonathan has lost part of his sight, developed epilepsy and is affected by short-term memory loss and confusion.

"It has taken me a long time to feel like myself, I never thought I would be me again. Terri has been a great help to talk to and her advice has been invaluable.

"But although my wife and I have each other for support, we still feel very alone at times. That is why the group is so important, we are all in this together.”

The group, for anyone in Medway with a brain tumour as well as family and friends of people with a brain tumour, meets on the first Tuesday of every month at St Mary's Island Community Centre, Chatham from 11am to 1pm. People can phone or text 07565 881 564 or email info@mbtsg.orgto confirm their attendance.

Terri Wells, Macmillan oncology care co-ordinator at Medway Community Healthcare, said: "I would encourage people to come along to the group where they will be able to meet, and get support from, other people in Medway who have been affected by brain tumours.

"Guest speakers will also offer advice about a range of topics including financial and legal issues, care and support packages and health and wellbeing.”