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Quality priorities 2018-19

Quality priorities 2018-19

We are currently reviewing our quality priorities for 2018/19 and would really welcome your input. Understanding what is important to our stakeholders is a key objective of our organisation and consulting on our priorities for improvement gives us the opportunity to ask for input on these. The quality priorities for 2017/18 were selected through a consultation process with our staff, commissioners and the people we serve, led by our Quality Assurance Committee. The survey should take no longer than 5/10 minutes to complete and closes 30 November 2017. 

Please spare us a few minutes to complete our survey and  help us choose our quality priorities >

The survey requests participants to select priorities from our approach list, for each of the five statements  from our quality framework:
  • We are safe,
  • effective,
  • caring, 
  • responsive and
  • well led.

The results are weighted evenly between the three stakeholder groups and the highest average percentage identifies the quality improvement priorities. 

The quality priorities will be added to our organisational annual plan and monitored within our Quality Assurance Committee and Board. In addition, each business unit and corporate service will incorporate the priorities into their annual plans, service objectives and individual personal development plans recognising that ‘quality is everyone’s responsibility’ (W. Edwards Deming).

Complete the survey now >