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I can't praise the X-PERT course enough

I can't praise the X-PERT course enough

Steven Taylor, 53, who lives in Bapchild near Sittingbourne, attended an x-pert diabetes course to help him control his blood sugar levels. Steven Taylor

Steven explained: "After my diabetes was diagnosed, I was prescribed medication to help control my insulin levels. However, because I didn't have any symptoms I was reluctant to take the tablets and would often eat food high in sugar.”

"It was only when my GP suggested I inject insulin to stabilise my blood sugar levels that I began to take my health seriously. I've always had a fear of needles so I decided to see if I could lower my blood sugar levels by improving my lifestyle.

"I now play a few extra rounds of golf a month and choose healthier options at the supermarket and it is really working.

"I can't praise the X-PERT course enough. By making a few small changes to my lifestyle I have lowered my average blood sugar levels from 9 to 6, lost weight and I'm not as tired as I used to be.”

People living in Medway and Swale with type 2 diabetes can be referred by their GP to the X-PERT course, run by Medway Community Healthcare.