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For the first time in years I am managing my diabetes

For the first time in years I am managing my diabetes

Valerie Mitchell, who has had diabetes for thirty years, was unaware that diabetes was causing damage to her body - until she suffered two strokes earlier this year.

"I didn't take my medication at the right times or eat healthily and because I didn't have any symptoms I was unaware that it was causing me harm,” Valerie, 55, explained.

Determined to reduce any further damage to her body, Valerie visited her GP who referred her to the diabetes team at Medway Community Healthcare.

"My diabetes specialist nurse visited me at home and explained clearly how diet influences blood sugar levels and I am now eating much healthier than before. The advice was excellent and for the first time in thirty years I feel I am managing my diabetes correctly,” Valerie continued.

With the support of the diabetes team Valerie has lost two stone and is feeling confident in controlling her blood sugar levels.

John Laverty, clinical lead for diabetes at Medway Community Healthcare and has been looking after Valerie, explained: "If you have diabetes you can reduce the risk of damage to your body by eating healthily and managing your medication correctly. Ask your GP to refer you to the diabetes team at Medway Community Healthcare for advice if you are having problems controlling your blood sugar levels. Along with advice we also run courses that may be benefit you."

The X-PERT diabetes course, run by Medway Community Healthcare, gives healthy living advice to people in Medway and Swale who have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or those who have been struggling to control their blood sugar levels.