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How we are doing

How we are doing

94.5% of service users stated they would be extremely likely or likely to recommend our services to a friend or family member. The national average is 95%. 2.6% stated they would not recommend the MCH service used. This information is gathered from 7043responses to the FFT question.


445 complaints were received in 2017/18. This includes social media, grumbles, verbal, written and non-led joint formal complaints

You said, we did:

MCH Pentagon Patient’s stated that they were 

  • unable to get through to the surgery
  •  unable to make an appointment to see a clinician
  •  patients were queue jumping when the surgery opened at 8am
  •  repeat prescriptions where not done within time.


 Changes that were made include:

  •   A walk in clinic was trialed 2 mornings a week and was so successful; it was rolled out 5 mornings a week. Pre-bookable appointments were kept for the afternoon clinic.
  •  The telephone system was rectified and two receptionists were dedicated to answering the telephone calls during peak periods.
  •  A ticket system was introduced before the surgery opened. A receptionist will hand numbered cards out to patients waiting and will see them in number order. This means that there will be no queue jumping.
  •  Repeat prescriptions is still a work in progress and the team are working hard to identify better ways of monitoring repeat prescription requests.