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Your experience is important to us and helps us to make sure our services provide excellent care. If you have any comments or queries about our services please see our contact us section.

Practice policies

Access to medical records

Patient records have restricted access in like with our information governance policy and the Data Protection Act 1990 and are only available to the doctors, nurses and authorised staff in the practice. Any patient may request access to their own medical records. If you wish to access your medical records, please ask for details from any member of staff.

Medical reports

If you give permission for a medical report for life insurance, solicitors or employment, the doctors are obliged to include all the relevant information in your medical records. As a result of the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 any patient is entitled to see a medical report relating to themselves for employment or insurance purposes.

Prior notice of this is needed and 21 days is given in which to make your comments, before the report is sent. Under the Data Protection Act 1990 patients are entitled to request a copy of their computerised sheet and/or notes after November 1991. If you require a copy please inform reception in writing. There is a fee for these services. You may be asked to make an appointment with a GP to discuss any requests for medical reports.


From time to time there may be student nurses or health professionals on courses sitting in with your doctor or nurse, or your GP may ask to record your consultation. You will be asked for your consent prior to your appointment and you are free to see your doctor or nurse on your own.

Disability and secure access

We have full disability access as all consultation rooms, reception and disabled toilets are on ground floor level. We have recently had a refurbishment within the surgery, where disability  access has been improved and secure access has been implemented so only authorised staff and patients can access the surgery premises. 

Zero tolerance

We have a zero tolerance policy at this surgery. Any patient who uses verbal and/or violent abuse will be sent a letter explaining that this behaviour is not acceptable and if the behaviour continues they will be removed from our list. Patients will be informed by Registration Authority of available GPs in their area to enable the patient to register, or in some cases the assist the patient to register with a suitable GP.

In all cases the patient will be sent a letter of explanation by the practice manager.

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